Partner Promises

Participants in our Dealer Partnerhip Program
receive these Exclusive benefits…..

1) IN-STOCK GUARANTEES – All residential units are guaranteed to be in-stock. Residential units are categorized as 5-tons or smaller, single-phase and listed in current Partners Supply price sheets. Substitutions of equal or better product are allowed at the same price as matching equipment. If unit is asked for the same day and not available until the following day a 5% discount will be given. ( Individual pieces of equipment, not the entire order- Equipment marked as “limited availability” do not qualify )

What it means: You and your customer are happy. If we don’t have the product locally we will get it for you full freight allowed. You get the product at a discount and we pay the freight.

2) NEXT DAY – All qualifying orders called in by 4 p.m. EST will be delivered free of charge by 4 p.m. EST the following day, 5 days a week, within a 45 mile radius. Same day, in town delivery is also available on qualifying orders. (Qualified Order is (1) complete compressor bearing system)

What it means: Tight work schedules can be met. Get those jobs that no one else can do because it needs to be done immediately. Get your crews out early the next morning instead of keeping them waiting for morning deliveries. Better productivity, better customer service, better profitability for the dealer.

3) 24/7/365 EMERGENCY SERVICES – One of your customers call in the middle of a cold winters night, his furnace has broken down. His family is suffering and needs your help immediately. You know this is an opportunity to provide heroic services that will bond this customer to you for life and become a permanent source of referrals. But who do you call? Partners Supply that’s who!

What it means: “We will stand behind you to support your customers.”

4) NO QUESTIONS ASKED NEW AND UNUSED RETURN POLICY – Any residential purchase made from Partners Supply will be accepted for return if it is still in new and unused condition, no questions asked. (Special order product does not qualify.)

What it means: No more back-room obsolete inventories. If you order it and don’t need it, just return it, “No questions asked”. No hassle, just credit. We’ll even pick it up when we’re in the area.

5) NEXT-DAY PARTS – Any residential system bought from Partners Supply from the present date will be covered under this plan during the first year of installation. Any part will be shipped next-day air at no extra cost, directly to you if it is not in stock. (Exception: Certain evaporator & condenser coils excluded.)

What it means: Many of today’s HVAC companies deal heavily on the service portion of their business. Better parts availability means better service and minimizes customer down time. Happier customers leads to more customers which leads to a more successful business.

6) DAILY WARRANTY PROCESSING – Warranties will be processed within one-day of submittal.

What it means: Your credit is not held up for sixty days while both distributor and manufacturer process it in some ancient credit system. They are playing with your money. The sooner it gets back into your pocket the better. Your credit will show in your account the next day and on your next statement.

7) PHONE POLICY – Count on us to provide a knowledgeable individual relationship at the end of the phone when you call us for service. No voice mail or computer answering service menu to pick from. We have people to answer our calls and chances are that person will be able to help you with your needs. We are also dedicated to answer the phone within 3 rings or we will pay the customer $100 for the inconvenience. (During branch normal business hours)

What it means: No frustrations. You will not be frustrated because the phone will not ring forever; you will not be frustrated because you are put on hold forever.

8) QUALITY PERSONNEL– Partners Supply strives to hire, train, and retain the best staff in the industry. We want to have the friendliest most helpful staff to assist our customers.

What it means: You will have a better day! As a result of our people being both helpful and friendly you will have a pleasant experience, get on with your business without delay, and feel better than you did before you called.

9) PARTNERS UNIVERSITY – The only constant we have in the HVAC business is change, technology stops for no one. New products & service techniques are constantly being developed. Partners Supply’s “Partners University” provides our Dealers with an affordable and convenient way to learn about the latest innovations in the industry. Our comprehensive classroom and hands on training programs keep you up to date on all the latest products and service techniques.

What it means: “Education is a key ingredient providing you with loyal, well trained employees.”

10) WHOLESALE ONLY – We know and understand who our customers are. Our commitment is to sell only to the licensed HVAC contractors and service companies.

What it means: We do not undercut our customers by selling to your customers.

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